Steel test plate treated with

Navy Steel rust converter

NAVY STEEL - Rust converter/ primer

  • Navy Steel, 2 in 1 rust converter and primer for steel.

  • Easy to apply in damp conditions where conventional paint systems fail.

  • Proven track record. Used extensively in the oil, gas and marine industries from the UK North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico and the South China Seas

  • Navy Steel has been protecting steel structures on and offshore for more than twenty five years

  • Safe. Water borne, ultra low VOC.

  • Easily applied without safety equipment. Non flammable.

  • No solvent fumes, enabling use in poorly ventilated areas.

  • Perfect for use after Ultra High Pressure water jetting.

  • Safe to store and transport.

  • Saves surface preparation costs.

  • Used in maintenance paint specification to avoid expensive blast cleaning operations, saving labour, materials and maintenance costs

STEEL-PROOF  Anti corrosive,

rust preventive coating

Semi-hard rust preventive for long term steel protection.

Removable anti corrosion coating for steel.

Steel-Proof forms form a wax-like film when cured.

These films have excellent adhesion to metal surfaces and can withstand severe humidity and salt spray corrosion exposure.

Seal-Proof is often used to give in transit protection to machined parts. The coating can be removed once the parts have been assembled.

Viscosity can be adjusted by diluting with mineral spirits.

Used in truck/trailer underbodies -, auto underbody seal, float coat/ballast tanks-, aircraft/nonferrous- coatings


  Picture shows a representation of what bulk 

Steel-Proof looks like. Steel-Proof dries to form a semi hard wax coating which remains slightly tacky, so it won't crack or peel and never becomes hard and brittle