rust converter Class "0" fire rated. Approved by U.S. and Canadian Depts. of Agriculture for use in food and drink processing plants. Improves coatings performance on poorly prepared steel or in damp, humid conditions.

Quick dry, thin hard film giving temporary corrosion protection to iron and non ferrous metal assemblies. Transparent preservative film for metal seam welding and weld inspections.  F.Pt.43 °C . Operating temp. -18 °C to +50 °C

Hard black salt resistant bituminous preservative coating for box sections or use as a topcoat for Navy Steel on poorly prepared steel in industrial, marine and offshore splash zone environments. Meets MIL-C-83933A(MR) MIL-C-62218 and MIL-C-16173D-4   F. Pt. 43 °C



Ultra thin, alkali resistant, water displacing rust preventative for steelwork in marine environments. Meets MIL-C-81309, VVL-L-800-C and Ford M14 90 A/B Rust Preventative specs.  Transparent film. Flash.Pt. <120°C


Water clear anti-seize penetrating fluid and release agent for extreme operating temperatures -60 °C to + 100 °C. Meets Fed. Spec. VV-P-216 Penetrating Oil (for loosening frozen metal parts) used by the aerospace, motor and marine and oil and gas industries. F.Pt. 131 °C

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